Class Descriptions

I N T R O   T O   Y O G A 
 This class is designed for the beginner. If you have never practiced yoga before this class is highly recommended. This intro class will familiarize you with correct alignment, and breathing during your practice. Join others that are new to yoga and build a solid foundation before entering other levels of classes.   This class is Monday night at 6:30PM.   Feel free to contact Laurie Garrett At 717-569-4910 or email at with any questions.

G E N T L E   Y O G A 
incorporates traditional Hatha Yoga into a gentle free flowing practice that focuses on breath balance, and building strength and flexibility. This class is suitable for a beginner who wants to explore yoga, or for a student desiring a slower more moderate pace. It reduces stress and promotes a more positive attitude. 

L E V E L   I   P R A C T I C E 
is a well rounded class for the novice or the “occasional student” with detailed instruction during the class. It begins with seated breathing to center you and brings you into your body, thus preparing you for movement. It continues with sun breaths, half salutations, standing postures and balance work. The class closes with a variation of floor postures preparing you for Shavasana and encouraging you to rest in guided meditation.  

L E V E L   I I   P R A C T I C E 
is for those who frequent the studio or are familiar with Vinyasa Flow. There is not as much general instruction although alignment is precise and strength and flexibility are emphasized. Ujjiayi breathing is used to heat the body and creates a rhythm encouraging the mind to focus. It is truly meditation in motion.

 R E S T O R A T I V E   Y O G A 
is a class designed to meets the needs of those who wish to move at a slower pace. It is designed for anyone recovering from injury or illness or students desiring to balance a more vigorous practice. Blocks, blankets and straps will be used as props allowing students to linger with breath and to ease into each posture.  

P R E G N A N C Y   Y O G A  
Pre-registration is required for this 6 week course yoga classes designed especially for pregnant women. No previous yoga experience necessary.  Through gentle postures, breath work, toning, deep relaxation and guided imagery this yoga will enable you to enhance overall health and well being, learn to relax body and mind, approach labor with confidence, deepen your connection with your baby, and enjoy a community of mothers-to-be!  For class registration and sign up go to

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