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The Yoga Room - Lancaster
The Yoga Room - Lancaster



Laurie Garrett

Laurie has been practicing yoga since 1994. She has been teaching yoga in Lancaster, PA since 1997 and opened The Yoga Room in 2002.  In 1997 she graduated from White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, California where she studied with Ganga White and Tracy Rich. She continued her study with Erich Schiffman, Rama Birch and Rodney Yee. Through years of standing back, observing and becoming aware of how students live in their bodies, she decided to broaden her understanding of anatomy and the systems of the body.  Her observations brought her to the Lancaster School of Massage, in 2000, where she received a certification in Massage Therapy. Still curious she traveled to Sedona Az, multiple times, to study with John Barnes, PT, learning a type of bodywork known as Myofascial Release and Unwinding.  It is Laurie's intention as a teacher and bodyworker to bring an awareness to her students through yoga and bodywork.

Laurie teaches a Vinyasa style yoga as well as a Gentle Restorative class. Vinyasa means to flow from posture to posture linking breath and movement. Her Vinyasa classes are offered at three levels. Level I for the new student, Level II for the seasoned student and an All Level class that allows the new student to challenge themselves and the seasoned student to slow down a little. The Gentle Restorative class is just that. Laurie urges you to  move slower, stay longer and encourages the use of blankets, blocks and bolsters to assist in restoring the mind and body. She loves to keep it plain and simple. It is not her intention to twist and turn you into a pretzel. Her classes are based highly on alignment, core awareness and breathing.  The only prerequisite is that you show up, be patient and trust that soon you will master moving with breath, balancing with strength, and being flexible and calm. It is said that as you master this concept in class on your yoga mat it will transform you and your life. 


Hui-Ling Singer

Hui-Ling has been on her Spiritual journey since she first came to the US in 1994, and is very passionate about helping people tap into their true healers within. She was trained in Qi Gong, Taiji, Reiki, various Massage Therapy modalities and the Native American way of life. However, she has never dreamed of becoming a yoga teacher. After her daughter Joy was born in 2005, Hui-Ling's priority in life shifted from helping people heal to teaching Mandarin Chinese so she could create a Chinese environment for Joy. In December 2018, she bought Dr. Sue Morter's BodayAwake® Yoga DVD as a Christmas gift for herself because she could feel her body and health suffering. She started out with only the 20 minutes easy flow yoga routine daily. Immediately she could feel a positive shift in her body that she had never felt before in any yoga studio. She wanted to go deeper into the practice for herself. So, she decided to dive into the BodyAwake® Yoga Teacher Training course and embodied what life was all about. Besides BodyAwake® Yoga, Hui-Ling has also been studying Dr. Sue's life work, the Energy Codes® and a healing modality, Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T) developed by Dr. Sue's father, Dr. M.T Morter, Jr. Dr. Sue's teachings resonate with Hui-Ling's heart, and with what she has already known to be true. It's been a joyful ride for the last two years. Hui-Ling's heart is so full that she can't help but share this precious gift to those who may come across her path. Namaste!

Charles Minguez Square.jpg

Charles Minguez

Charles has been meditating for over twenty years and currently sits on the board of Kalpa Bhadra Kadampa Buddhist Center in Harrisburg, a 501(c)(3).

Before moving to the Lancaster area, Charles taught at Menlha Kadampa Meditation Center in Lambertville, NJ. He teaches meditation in a down-to-earth manner, helping students connect with their inner practice.

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