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The Yoga Room - Lancaster
The Yoga Room - Lancaster


Hi Laurie,

Oh my goodness your class is so wonderful. Thank you.

I had asked about Thursday's? Yes, I would like to join you then too. 

I am all loosey-goosey, and happy and strong after your class. Love it?? I loved what you said about not dwelling on any one thought for too long. (I immediatley thought of how that is the natural case at the water's edge at the  beach—ebb and flow , ebb and flow and never the same with each fresh caress and wash.) Have your words in my head and your wisdom informing my body as I pause, reflect and move forward, pause, absorb and move forward. 

Thank you.


They are actually here right now at my house in MD. We were all discussing how much we enjoyed the class and all practice the breathing exercises. Chuck says he feels wonderful since the yoga class.

I can't thank you enough..




Hi Laurie -

I know you are getting ready to head west on vacation, and I wanted to try to catch you before you left.  I had dinner last night with Carol, Dave, and Kelly. Of course your name came up and your ears should have been burning.

I am almost a week out from our last session, and honestly cannot believe how my body feels and moves differently. Following the first session, I was simply afraid to move for fear of jolting things back to their original painful place. This week I am standing up and open, with my weight naturally shifting more into my heels and with my chest and shoulders down and back. Walking is not painful the way it has been for three years ó every step, in my hip and knees.

How incredibly grateful I am to have found you, and a method of treatment that does not involve drugs.  Everyone at dinner felt the same way, and I just thought you should know. Your work is a blessing to us ó what a great service you are doing!

Have a wonderful week in San Diego visiting your friend ó see you when you return,



You have magic hands. I have zero lower back pain right now. I haven't felt this good in years! The work you did on my hips was a little tough because of how tight I was, but it was so worth it, and whenever you work on my head and neck it always feels really good.

Thank you so so much.


Hi Laurie,

Thank you so much for your time yesterday! I feel SO much better. I honestly didn't think that I would see this much improvement but do glad that I do!

I'm not 100% yet but I'm getting there!

Thank you again.


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Hi Laurie,

Just to let you know I felt great all night and woke up just a little stiff but for the most part in much better shape. I am being careful how I sit this morning and so far I am no where near where I was yesterday with pain. I don't think I am going to come to class today but I hope to Saturday. You really me and I think I will take your advice about back bends in the future.


Hi Laurie,

You're amazing—I feel so much better—even the knee.


Have a good trip and show.


Thanks so much,


Hi Laurie,

I was just thinking about you. I was sorry to see your distress at the loss of your friend, Bill. There is never a good time to lose a fabulous person, ever. From your words about him  I could tell you will miss his presence and spirit. I hope your fond memories of him , especially those thoughts that celebrate who he was, will eventually overpower your grief.

I appreciated that your efforts to continue with class so diligently, and in such a giving way. I do not know a lot about Bill, but I be he would have appreciated that too.

Take care,


P.S.: In speaking of class, I was able to reach a feeling of joy and lightheartedness—especially when looking at my toes! You may laugh, but how many times do adults really look at their toes and wiggle them all around? You mentioned something in a previous class that resonated with me: that we should take the ti to wiggle and move, in an unrestrained and unselfconscious way,  like we used to as kids. I'd forgotten about that. I remember now. Thank you.


Good morning, Laurie.

I am scientific proof that yoga is beneficial. My white blood cell count was low for an entire year. Normal range is between five and seven. My numbers were at 4.3 right before starting yoga. Within the first three months of practicing yoga on a regular basis they went up to 6.1! My doctor immediately said it was the yoga that brought my numbers up! Thank you for your help!

Mary Oyola

I really enjoy your classes. I feel so much better, and I think I'm improving! I know I'm feeling much stronger and have more flexibility. I cheated on you and went to a class at the Y, and it wasn't even close to your classes are 9384738 times better. For me, anyway. 

Thanks, Laurie!!

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